"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Gospel of John. Chapter 3. Verse 16."

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Isaiah 9:6

This afternoon (9 March 2022) we met Mr Gil Averous, Mayor of Châteauroux. Very nice, and attentive to the needs of all. Our prayer as an evangelical community is that the Lord will continue to bless our authorities for the good of our country.

Elcio and Sueli Rocha with Mr Gil Averous, mayor of Châteauroux

Welcome Every sunday, worship at 10:30am 5, allée des Lucioles . You are welcome !

5, allée des Lucioles

The church, a place for meeting and sharing...

The Church, from the Greek word "Ecclesia", is the gathering of Christians who have been born again. They gather to praise and honour the true and living God, and Jesus Christ, his son, who came to save humanity by his sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. The meeting place, wherever it may be, should be a place open to everybody, to the local authorities and to the public. So the believers get together each Sunday morning at 10:30 for worship. Our meeting place is also suitable for organizing various events such as concerts, conferences, Bible studies and shared meals for community members...

Châteauroux, Indre

A few introductory words about our city of Châteauroux

Châteauroux is the capital of the Indre department, in the region of the "Centre, Val de Loire". The population is 43,732 (2015 census), rising to about 70,445 including the surrounding towns. Châteauroux is situated in pleasant surroundings with plenty of green space and there is a rich cultural heritage.
For more information click : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chateauroux

Le Château Raoul

The Château Raoul

Some photos
of Châteauroux
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