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The software "Online Bible" is a tool to help you in your Bible studies. Download a free version of this software from the website Online Bible Downloads. It is not a substitute for reading the printed Bible, but is an ideal tool for research and studies.
Comprehensive office suite including: word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software (such as PowerPoint) and database. This suite also includes a facility to export documents in PDF format
On this website, you can find the "Framakey". This very original site offers free portable software. The originality of these programs lies in the fact that you extract the files onto your USB drive, where they are ready to use. No installation ... And you can take your USB key wherever you want and use it on any computer without interfering with the operating system.
Another panoply of free portable software is available from the "LiberKey" website. These programs are directly executable from a USB stick or other external device. 3 modules are available depending on the size of your device. A menu, classified by topics, is included for launching programs to facilitate navigation.

A lot more free and open software is available on the web. You can find it easily by using an appropriate search engine. Happy downloading!

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