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If you would like your child to attend the kids club, please contact us and send us your details.


All children are welcome with their parents' permission, so when they first come, they will be given a consent form which must be duly completed by their parent or guardian.

What the club provides to the children:

This club allows children to enjoy an afternoon of recreation and play while at the same time learning respect for others, tolerance and the meaning of friendship. From a cultural perspective, children learn about the stories of the heroes of the Bible and the life of Jesus in a manner appropriate to their age. They particularly enjoy singing, Bible stories and crafts, which give them the opportunity to express their joy, their enthusiasm and their creativity!

The birth of the children's club:

In July 1999, the association ASCEPE organized a series of socio-cultural events in our city of Châteauroux. We had a week of outdoor activities in which twenty children participated regularly.
After discussion among the leaders of the association, the decision was taken to continue this activity in the city. So we started a club in September 1999, Saturday afternoon at 3pm (every two weeks).
Therefore, these clubs have continued regularly until the end of June.

Activities on offer are:

  • Games.
  • Crafts.
  • Adapted Bible stories.
  • Songs.
At the end of all the activities, the children are given a snack.

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