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The Bible: a must-read book. It is the Book of Books, an open letter from God to man...

The first book in the world to be printed in sequence, by John Gutenberg (Germany) at the end of 1454.

The most fought over book:

  • Burnt by King Jehoiakim (sixth century BC), and by many others after him.
  • Banned in the Middle Ages, and still today in many countries.
  • Denigrated by philosophers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The Bible disturbs people, but survives criticism:

  • The most printed book (February 1999: British and Foreign Bible Society, Cambridge).
  • 8 million Bibles.
  • 12 million New Testaments.
  • 600 million extracts of the Bible.

The most translated book in the world (in early 1999, the complete Bible existed in 366 languages, and the New Testament in 928 languages). The Bible has been translated, in part or in whole, into 2212 languages as follows:

  • 624 Africa.
  • 547 Asia.
  • 385 Oceania.
  • 197 Europe.
  • 73 North America.
  • 383 Latin America.
  • 3 artificial (Esperanto, etc.)

These figures are more than 10 years old and a number of translations into other languages and dialects have been made since. Currently, hundreds of translation projects are under way worldwide.

The Bible is God's book.

If you want to learn more about the Bible, its content and its message of hope, we are able to order it for you. We can also send you a New Testament or a gospel free of charge on request. Just contact us and send us your details.

For those of you who may wish to purchase a Bible, one book or several books, calendars, etc ... Visit the website of "La Maison de la Bible". You will find Bibles in different sizes and in several languages and books featuring various themes: family, children, couples, health ... You'll also find CDs DVDs, software ...

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Download a free version of the software "Online Bible" on the website This will not replace reading the printed Bible, but is an ideal tool for research and studies.

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